Explore Palau


Palau is blessed with some of the world's best diving. Experience the sites that make Palau one of the top dive destinations in the world: the sharks of Blue Corner, the manta rays of Devilfish City and German Channel, and the coral reefs and stunning drop-offs teeming with marine life. There are also over a dozen WW II wrecks, and Palau's beautiful marine lakes, all for your exploration. If this is the adventure you desire let us make the arrangements for you.


Palau's many beautiful Rock Islands are the perfect site for a kayaking adventure. Carefully choreographed trips have the right mix of paddling, exploration and snorkeling to make it a day to remember for everyone.


Fishing in Palau is a culturally engrained sport. Marlin, tuna, giant trevally, wahoo, mahi-mahi and more. For more information, please visit Swing's Tours.


Take a boat ride through Palau's beautiful Rock Islands. Enjoy many unique snorkeling sports and have your lunch on a secluded beach. The perfect way to spend a quiet day relaxing and enjoying the natural beauty of Palau. In February 2012, the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon was added into the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Take a trip into downtown Koror and do some shopping or go to the museum or senior citizen's center for some hand-made goodies. Go the post office and pick up some of Palau's unique stamps.

Sometimes all we really need is to kick back, relax and enjoy the view. Palau and Palau Carolines Resort are perfect for just relaxing and taking everything in.