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    Sightseeing in Koror

Palau is blessed with some of the world’s best diving. Experience the sites that make Palau one of the top dive destinations in the world: the sharks of Blue Corner, the manta rays of German Channel and the countless coral reefs.

Palau’s stunning Rock Islands are the perfect site for a kayaking adventure. Carefully crafted trips have the proper mix of paddling, snorkeling and exploration to make it a day for everyone to remember.

Fishing in Palau is both cultural and recreational. Marlin, tuna, giant trevally, wahoo and mahi mahi make up a large portion of the sport fishing opportunities. Visit Swing’s Tours, our personal recommendation, for more information.

A boat ride through Palau’s beautiful Rock Islands is the iconic visit heard about the world over, but it is truly something to see and experience first-hand. There are many unique diving spots and always a delicious barbecue lunch prepared for you to enjoy.

Take a trip into downtown Koror and do some shopping, visit both museums, the Palau Aquarium and the senior citizen’s center for hand-made goodies. Palau is paradise and the Palau Carolines Resort is the perfect place to relax; it’s just close enough to take everything else in.

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Palau Carolines Resort’s partners are carefully chosen to enhance your tropical paradise experience. Collaborating with local businesses, environmental organizations, and luxury brands, we ensure that your stay is not only luxurious but also sustainable and culturally enriching. Our partners share our commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Palau while offering you exceptional services, activities, and amenities that will make your vacation unforgettable. From immersive eco-tours to world-class dining experiences, our network of partners adds depth and breadth to your stay, creating a harmonious blend of relaxation, adventure, and responsible tourism.